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The 7 Best Day Trips from Seville

Alcazar de la Puerta de Sevilla in Carmona - one of the best day trips from Seville

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Interested in visiting Seville this year? As one of the best travel destinations in Spain, Seville needs no introduction and definitely deserves a place in your upcoming travel plans if it’s not already. But if you want to see more of the region these day trips from Seville could be exactly what you’re looking for.

We also know that time is precious and traveling more than two hours to a new city or town might not interest you. That’s why this list of places to visit around Seville won’t take you much longer than an hour to get to — these are the day trips that don’t require you to be up at the crack of dawn!

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Inside Gruta de las Maravillas in Aracena

Visit the home of Iberian ham and the magical Gruta de las Maravillas and enjoy one of the best day trips from Seville. 

Despite being blessed with blue skies and sunshine, Seville’s humid climate can become quite tiresome if you’re here for too long. Aracena on the other hand has some of the freshest air you can find thanks to a much higher altitude of 732 meters (Seville is just 7 meters). This is one of my personal favorite day trips from Seville thanks to its impressive landscapes, delicious Iberian ham (jamón ibérico), and excellent hiking opportunities around the mountain ranges.

Things to do in Aracena, Spain

The town itself isn’t very large but there’s more than enough things to do near Seville right here in Aracena:

  • Visit the Gruta de las Maravillas: Did you know that one of the best caves in Europe is only a short drive from Seville? These caves stretch more than 2000 meters and inside you’ll find a variety of stalactites, rock formations, and clear blue water pools. Your guide will be speaking Spanish but you also have access to an English audioguide.
  • See the Iglesia Prior de Nuestra Señora del Mayor Dolor: This church dates back centuries and its gothic appearance is another example of the striking architecture that populates this region of Spain. The church also offers impressive panoramic views of the town below.
  • Hike through Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural: The mountain range here is a great place to stretch your legs, either before or after eating lunch in town. Have fun exploring the area and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife like the huge golden eagles and vultures that patrol the skies. The Sierra de Aracena truly is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers.
  • Go climbing, kayaking and more with Sierra eXtreme: If you’re looking for fun things to do near Seville, Sierra eXtreme offers a variety of outdoor activities for families and friends and caters to a range of abilities. You can kayak on the lake, experience rock climbing, and head into the caves for a rush of adrenaline.

How to travel from Seville to Aracena

Unfortunately there are no trains that can take you from Seville to Aracena but there are other options:

  • By car (1 hour): If you or a friend have a car or want to rent a car for the day, you can get to Aracena in just under an hour.
  •  By bus (1.5 hours):  If driving isn’t an option, you can take a bus which will get you there in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The bus departs from La Estación de Autobuses Plaza de Armas in the center of Seville.


White buildings in the center of Carmona

Only a short drive away, Carmona can offer visitors amazing scenic views, a collection of Roman ruins, and mouth-watering food and wine. 

As one of the closest pueblos to the Seville city center, Carmona is easily accessible and perfect for more relaxed day trips from Seville. The town is quite small and you won’t need more than a day to see it but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in substance. It’s also home to the popular Parador de Carmona Hotel, which I recommend booking a night in if you want an even more refined experience here.

Things to do in Carmona, Spain

The province of Seville is littered with roman ruins and you can find some of the best ones here in Carmona:

  • Visit the Necrópolis Romana de Carmona: This Roman landmark in Carmona offers fascinating insight into the history of the area and is also free to visit. With paintings inside dating back more than 2,500 years and access to the connecting tombs, this is a must-see destination in Carmona.
  • Step inside the Tumba de Servilia: Another intriguing ruin that follows “Hellenistic models,” the Tumba de Servilia is thought to have once been the home of highly respected Roman officials and there’s also a small museum with artifacts from this period.
  • Explore the Alcázar de la Puerta de Sevilla: Entry to the Alcázar costs just 2 euros and from the top of this historic structure you can look out across acres of Spanish countryside. Make sure you pack a good camera before you visit and you can take some quality photographs to remember the trip with.

How to travel from Seville to Carmona

Like Aracena, it is unfortunately not possible to get from Seville to Carmona by train but the good news is that it’s one of the closest destinations for day trips from Seville:

  • By car (25 minutes): Carmona is about 30km away and if you have a car you can be there in roughly 20 – 30 minutes. Free parking is also easy to find in the town.
  • By bus (1 hour): There is also a bus from Seville to Carmona that you can get most mornings from Avenida San Francisco Javier. Check the times here.

Jerez de la Frontera

Architecture in Jerez de la frontera

You’ll find a lot of similarities between Jerez and Seville. Both are famous for flamenco music and Moorish architecture but Jerez is also celebrated for its sherry wine. 

Jerez is a very beautiful and charming city south of Seville and despite their obvious similarities, a Seville to Jerez day trip can be a refreshing change scenery. There’s plenty of sightseeing, bodega tours, and wine tasting to be had in Jerez and it recently appeared in Season 5 of ´The Crown´on Netflix where they filmed in the Alcázar.

Things to do in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

  • Visit the Alcázar de Jerez: By this point you might be able to put together a video compilation of the different palaces in the region and the Alcázar de Jerez is another must-see if you’re in town. The gardens in the Moorish fortress are particularly beautiful.
  • See the Jerez Cathedral: Located in the heart of the city, Jerez Cathedral certainly has some similarities to Seville Cathedral despite being much smaller in size. Still, it’s worth having a look inside the Catholic Church here which was thought to have been constructed some time during the 1600s.
  • Book bodega tours: If you have the time you should definitely book a bodega tour somewhere. Popular places to book a tour include Bodegas Tradición, Bodegas Lustau, and Bodega Tio Pepe where you can reserve a tour here.

How to travel from Jerez to Seville

If you’re interest in day trips from Seville to Jerez, you’ll be pleased to know there’s lots of ways to get there:

  • By train (50 minutes): From the Estación Seville-Santa Justa you can take a train that will get you to Jerez in 50 minutes.
  • By car (45 minutes): The drive from Seville to Jerez is easy and if you follow your GPS without any hiccups you can arrive in 45 minutes – 1 hour.
  • By bus (1.5 hours): There are buses that can get you to Jerez from La Estación de Autobuses Plaza de Armas. But bear in mind that your journey will be longer as it makes some stops on the way. You can get there in roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes.


rio guadalquivir in Cordoba during day trips from Seville

Jump on the train and head up to Córdoba, home to the great mosque of Córdoba La Mezquita, a historic Roman bridge, and captivating alleyways and courtyards. 

This place is a dream for adventurers and after spending a few hours in Córdoba you won’t want to leave! It’s also one of the best destinations around if you’re looking for romantic things to do near Seville. After you’ve spent some time sightseeing at any one of the top sights, settle down with some traditional tapas and the local Montilla-Moriles wine.

Things to do in Cordoba, Spain

  • Visit the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba: This iconic landmark in Córdoba known as La Mezquita is a very special place that you absolutely can’t ignore when planning your day trip from Seville to Córdoba. Originally a mosque, La Mezquita was eventually converted into a Cathedral in 1236 and inside you’ll find a mind blowing blend of Muslim and Christian designs. Once you’re finished inside, take a stroll down the Roman Bridge of Cordoba just outside where you will arrive at the medieval tower Torre de Calahorra.
  • Walk through Los Patios Cordobeses: If you love flowers and want to capture some colorful photographs while you’re in Córdoba, visit Los Patios Cordobeses in the center. These white patios are strewn with hundreds of flowers and plants and they’re quite brilliant when the sun in shining. It costs just 6 euros to see the five patios here but you should also consider the Patio de los Naranjos, which is equally impressive.
  • Check out the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos: The Alcázar of Córdoba is only a short walk away from the great mosque of Córdoba so if you have the time I definitely recommend a visit here as well. The architecture is again very impressive but the real highlight here are the gardens.

How to travel from Seville to Córdoba

There are buses from Plaza de Armas station that will take you to Córdoba but with a journey time of two hours they’re by no means the quickest way to get there.

  • By train (40 minutes): Instead, I recommend taking the train and that way you can get there well within an hour. There’s lots to see and do in Córdoba so getting there quickly and maximizing your time in the city might be wise.
  • By car (1.3 hours): Driving will take you longer than the train but you should arrive in roughly 1 hour and 25 minutes. Try and leave early to avoid heavy traffic.

Santiponce / Itálica

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan you may have seen Santiponce on your television screens already. The Itálica site was used for filming in season 7.

Santiponce is the closest of these day trips from Seville and you could even walk there in about two hours if you really wanted to stretch your legs. Santiponce offers visitors one of the best Roman ruins in Seville, lavish green countryside, and top tapas bars to eat and drink.

Things to do in Santiponce, Spain

  • Discover the historic site Itálica: Once an ancient city, this Roman amphitheater has become a popular tourist attraction since it was used for filming in Game of Thrones. The ruins were the location for one of the show’s most famous reunions and it provides the backdrop for Daenerys and Cersei Lannister’s first meeting.
  • Visit the Monasterio De San Isidoro Del Campo: This religious monastery is free to visit and well worth taking a look around. And as it’s not one of the most popular places to visit around Seville you won’t be burdened with large crowds inside.

How to travel from Seville to Santiponce

It is entirely possible to walk to Santiponce if you wish to visit Itálica and the area in general. However, this method will take you at least a couple of hours and you can get there much faster on four wheels:

  • By car (10 minutes): Instead, I would recommend that you take a car there and save your energy for walking around Santiponce instead. And if you don’t have your own car, a taxi won’t cost much to get you there.
  • By bus (15 minutes): A cheaper alternative to a taxi is the bus, which you can take from the station at Plaza de Armas.

Cáceres y Mérida (Extremadura)

Another must-visit destination for Game of Thrones fans and Roman Empire enthusiasts, Cáceres and Mérida are the two main highlights in the Extremadura region in Spain. 

These medieval cities are absolutely worth the journey and while you could see them in a day, I recommend spending at least a weekend here so that you can really get a good look at top attractions like Santa María Square and the Arco de Trajano in Mérida. You’ll also find plenty of restaurants in both Cáceres and Mérida where you can try some of the region’s famous jámon ibérico.

Things to do in Cáceres

  • Visit the Cáceres Old Quarter: Step back in time as you enter through the famous Arco de la Estrella (Star Archway) and wander through the medieval streets inside the Old Quarter. This is also where they filmed numerous scenes for Game of Thrones in which the Cáceres Old Quarter was used as the setting for King’s Landing.
  • Visit the Royal Monastery of Santa María de Guadalupe: This Unesco World Heritage-listed monastery is right in the heart of Cáceres and it remains an important pilgrimage site in Spain where pilgrims from around the world still make the long journey to visit. Inside you will also find three impressive museums that showcase more of the monastery’s intriguing history.

Things to do in Mérida

  • Visit the remarkable Teatro Romano de Mérida: Mérida is only a short journey from Cáceres but if you’re wondering what there is to do and see here, well, there’s not a lot. However, the Teatro Romano de Mérida is a remarkable site in the city where you will find one of the best preserved sites for Roman ruins in Spain and arguably the world. Mérida was founded by the Romans in the 1st Century B.C. and the best remains of this ancient city are right here in the Teatro Romano. This is an absolute must-see destination if you’re in Extremadura!

How to travel from Seville to Cáceres y Mérida

  • By car (2 hours): If you’re renting a car you can get here in roughly two hours, which isn’t a bad journey considering some of the amazing things you’ll see so close to Seville.
  • By bus (3 hours): From the Plaza de Armas bus station in Seville you can get to Cáceres Estación de Autobuses and from there you can find another regular bus that will take you to Mérida.

Cazalla de la Sierra

Interested in more active day trips from Seville? Cazalla de la Sierra is one of the best places to visit around Seville for biking. 

If you’re looking for something more sport-orientated, I recommend a trip to Cazalla de la Sierra where you can spend the whole day biking with friends, family or alone. You can do the same in Puerto Serrano (Cádiz) but it’s better to spend the night there as it’s a little further away.

Things to do in Cazalla de la Sierra, Spain

  • Enjoy biking and cycling trails: Cazalla de la Sierra is arguably the best place for biking near Seville and there are a variety of different trails to explore. If you want to learn more about cycling in Cazalla, find more information here.
  • Visit the bodegas for wine tasting: Bodegas in Cazalla de la Sierra like Bodegas Tierra Savia are a great place to taste the local wine and find out more about the process in this part of Spain.

How to travel from Seville to Cazalla de la Sierra

Unfortunately there is no train that will take you to Cazalla de la Sierra from Seville. The best ways to get there are:

  • By car (40 minutes): Set off at a good time in the morning and you can get to Cazalla within an hour.
  • By bus (1 hour): From Plaza de Armas, the bus will get you there fairly quickly. Just make sure you check times in advance and don’t be late — there’s usually only one or two buses per day.


This list of day trips from Seville includes some of my favorites and to be honest you won’t find many other things to do near Seville in under an hour. And if you don’t know how to organize your days in Seville, I’ve put together an itinerary of the best things to do during short breaks — read how you can spend the best 3 days in Seville here.

However, if you’re already familiar with the city center or you just want to mix things up, hopefully this list of day trips from Seville has given you some new ideas.

Remember to share and comment on this article if you found it useful and let us know in the comments where your favorite places to visit around Seville are. And as always follow us on social media to stay up to date with all of our new content. Our social media pages can be found by clicking on the icons in the menu! 

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